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A lot of people ask me...

A lot of people ask me how I keep my curls up so I wanted to share. Last night I was so sick I couldn't pin curl my hair. I put on my "Silky the cap" made by Donna Moten and it is a life saver!! You can purchase on www.silkythecap.com
As you see in the pic my curls maintained beautifully without having to pin curl or touch them up with a curling iron! I am so happy to have my Silky and I am passing it on to you! No woman should be without one, truly! She has variety of colors and the Silky last for a very long time! Thank you so much Donna


Los Angeles, CA

It totally transformed my hair!

I suggest that every woman try it. I have be using it for a little over a two months now and it totally transformed my hair. I am proud to be a distributor of silky the cap if you are ready to take your hair to the next level get your silky today!


~Nicole Stewart
Tallahassee, FL

More like the magic cap...


Silky Cap is more like the Magic Cap. I've been wearing silky since invented; there’s no other product like it.  The gorgeous Rayon fabric retains hair natural oils, instead of cotton and satin which absorbs the oils leaving your hair ruff and hard. I guarantee your hair will never feel the same protecting it with Silky Cap.


~Mademoiselle Rochelle
Atlanta, GA

Silky the cap is fabulous!


My hair is smooth, silky and easy to manage, and it's all because of this wonderful cap!  What a difference from the scarves I used to use.  There is simply no comparison.  I would recommend Silky to anyone who wants beautiful hair every time!


~Lisa C. 
Los Angeles, California


Silky satisfaction...


I have worn Silky the Cap faithfully for the past ten years and I love the results that I get! My hair remains soft and silky and easily manageable. I've worn several hair styles that include weaves, press and curls, braids and now locks. Silky proved to be faithful through all of my style changes. I don't know where I'd be without it. Oh yes, and the colors are equally beautiful!


~Alesia Wesley, M.A. 
Mental Health Professional 
Woodland Hills, California

Silky the cap is awesome!


As a fitness professional, I've worn a variety of hair styles to accommodate my active lifestyle and "Silky" has risen to every occasion. The fabric is beautiful, durable, and the array of colors are fabulous. "Thank you Silky..."


~Jennifer R. Harvey 
Body Sculpting Inc. 
Los Angeles, California


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