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Understanding the Fabrics: 

Cotton: dries out the hair resulting in hair breakage ( example: cotton pillowcases, alcohol based hair sprays and gels, bleached or colored hair) 

Satin: a manmade fabric, often causing perspiring and drying out of hair shafts. 

Silk: a natural fabric made by silkworms. The scalp breathes and hair glides over the fabric leaving hair soft, silky and healthy. 

Rayon: a natural fabric derived from wood pulp, which causes the hair and scalp to breath hold moisture to the hair, As a result , the hair is also soft, silky and healthy. 

SILKY's rayon is one of the finest rayon's made to date. The hair glides over the sueded rayon like smooth silk maintaining its shine, durability and luster. Just like years ago, you would "tie your hair up with a silk scarf at night routine" or a little house on the prairie bonnet... well Now here's Silky the cap!! All hair dries and breaks if not covered by a natural and breathable fabric covering your head or pillow case. 

All of SILKY's fabrics are dyed/ garment washed products. Some irregularities of color between the fabrics and trims are all natural results of this process, and not considered fabric defects. Silky will rarely slip off and you will not experience headaches from our soft silky edge.

100% Sustainability

Silky is truly a product you can trust! Silky will aid in the relaxation during aromatherapy, the use of bath candles, and massage for the renewal and balance of today's 21st century women (families). 


Silky hair products will rarely slip off and can be worn comfortably over many hairstyles including rollers, hairpieces, wet sets, braids, straw sets, pin curls, locs, etc. Silky will protect your hair from those cotton pillowcases and will not cause your scalp to perspire! If your scalp does perspire naturally with anything you wear over your hair, then some perspiring may occur. Our soft silky elastic edge is extremely comfortable for sleep time. Silky the cap is for the whole family! Without the proper hair care, all hair types will dry, split, frizz and become damaged if not protected by a natural and "breatheable" fabric covering your head and or pillowcase.

available in pink!

Silky International Inc. is proud to offer Silky the Cap in pink to honor Breast Cancer Survivors!


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