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Natural Silk

Understanding the Fabrics

Cotton dries out the hair resulting in hair breakage in the same way that alcohol-based hair sprays, gels, bleach, or hair color tend to do.


Satin is an artificial, manufactured fabric with a tight synthetic weave that often causes perspiring and drying of hair shafts. 


A natural fabric made by silkworms, silk helps the scalp breathe, and hair glides over the material, leaving it soft, silky, and healthy. 


Rayon, another natural fabric derived from wood pulp, causes the hair and scalp to breathe and hold moisture to the hair similarly to silk.


SILKY's silk-rayon is one of the finest silks made to date. The hair glides over the suede-like silk smoothly, maintaining its shine, durability, and luster. Just like years ago, you would "tie your hair up with a silk scarf at night" or wear a "Little House on the Prairie" bonnet; Silky the Cap follows the tradition of nightly hair care. If not covered by a natural and breathable fabric or pillowcase, all hair dries and breaks. 


All of SILKY's fabrics are dyed/garment-washed products. Some irregularities of color between the materials and trims are all-natural results of this process, and we do not consider them fabric defects. Silky will rarely slip off, and you will not experience headaches from our soft silky edge. Due to the natural properties of silk, SILKY products are hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant. 

Breast Cancer Survivors

Silky International Inc. is proud to offer Silky the Cap in pink to honor Breast Cancer Survivors!


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