from a dream to reality...

DonaTaylor of Los Angeles/ Silky International is in the forefront of the hair care maintenance industry. Focusing on women's desire for balance and renewal, Silky International has developed a quite unique, branded, and innovative product, Silky the cap. Silky International is a corporation incorporated in Los Angeles, California. The business was founded in 1990 by Donna Moten in Los Angeles, California as a sole proprietorship. The name DonaTaylor originated from combining Donnas' name and her oldest daughter's name Taylor. In the early years, Silky International entered the hair industry by selling Silky the cap, to salons, hospitals, gift shops, spas, friends and family. Sales have continued to flourish year after year. Silky International has participated in many hair shows both local and abroad. Silky International is located in Southern California and has been in providing premium haircare products for 25  years. Committed to delighting our customers, we have earned the reputation of delivering top quality products and superior service.